Freescale partners with Indian Design Houses

Comments on “Freescale partners with Indian Design Houses” by K.C Krishnadas in EE Times

This is indeed a strategy leading to multiple mutual benefits i.e. if implemented in the right spirit.

The right IP, the right technology, the optimal design flow, the right timing: neither of these factors can hold on their own in today’s volatile market. The customer wants a solution, not a set of leggo blocks left to him to assemble together.

Most of the design houses have some excellent design talent coupled with great technology, flow and ideas. But the present highly fragmented and transient market makes it very difficult for these design houses to even survive the initial few years before they hit the market and revenues start trickling in. The ruthless market conditions have led to the premature demise of many a promising design houses. With the multinationals tapping on these entities for domain know how and a basic solution using their IPs and the design houses leveraging on the multinationals’ clout (financial and market channels), it can be a win-win situation.

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