Freescale places R&D bet with IBM

Another salvo to Crolles2 Alliance. After NXP’s announcement on its exit from Crolles2 Alliance, comes the statement from Freescale that it is joining the IBM Alliance.

Apart from investing in leading edge chip R&D, some of the potential benefits for Freescale in this alliance are leveraging capacity at Chartered and possible wireless co-development efforts with Infineon. Freescale also expects to significantly accelerate its SOI roadmap with this IBM partnership.

This leaves STM as the lone original member of the Crolles2 alliance. A potential new partner will need to have deep pockets to fund expansion of the group’s 300mm fab as well as work on 45nm and beyond processes. This is apart from a good fit from the technology standpoint. TI is touted as one of the possible candidates. However with the latest announcement from TI to end leading edge digital logic process development at 45nm and rely on foundries is set to have important implications on this.

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