India outlines long awaited IC policy

After several hiccups, India has announced its IC policy.

Dubbed the Special Incentive Package Scheme, the initiative is focused on attracting investments for setting up semiconductor plants and other technology manufacturing industries. Semiconductor companies seeking incentives—which will be 20 percent of the capital expenditure during the first 10 years—will have to invest a minimum $550 million, according to the plan.

The salient points were announced Feb. 22 with details to be out in the coming two weeks in a document that spells out the specifics about the level of equity, the interest-free component and other financial details.

This announcement is most likely to be followed by announcements by potential investors. AMD has already announced a technology pact with SemIndia Inc. for a semiconductor manufacturing facility in Hyderabad.

At least two more semiconductor manufacturing facilities are expected to be announced in the next few weeks, according to Raj Khare, chairman, India Semiconductor Association.
Samsung, Freescale, Motorola, Intel, Infineon, STMicrorelectronics and Toshiba are among the possible investors in a Rs.20,394 crore ($4.5 billion) manufacturing facility being set up by the Hindustan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp. (HSMC) which is expected to establish a fabrication complex that will include several foundries to be built by HSMC. The fabs will 200- and 300mm wafer lines.

It has to be seen if and how the various consortiums as well as companies like Intel etc. tread on this “red carpet” rolled out by the Indian govt. And having decided to tread, it has to be seen which technology direction will these new fabs take up (as noted in my earlier post, “Vision Summit explores strategies driving semicon industry growth”)

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