ST-Infineon merger

With rumours afloat about a potential STMicroelectronics and Infineon Technologies merger, most of the news on it has been on how the thus created power semiconductor giant will face the ire of the European Union’s competition authorities.


So it was a refreshing & light take to read comments by David Manners from Electronics Weekly in which he cited culture as a stumbling block for mergers in the chip industry.

I recollect when way back in late eighties/early nineties when I was working at STMicroelectronics (then SGS-Thomson) headquarters in Agrate, Italy. We had just lost a design project to Siemens. To add to the local woes, this was just after Germany won the World Cup. On hearing the project news, one of my disgruntled local colleagues exclaimed – Hey, we just gave them the World Cup; what else do they want??


Well, as David said in his blog – Does Bozzoti speak German?

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