SIA slashes 2007 semi outlook

The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) has downgraded its forecast for 2007 global microchip sales growth to 1.8%. 

Forecasts are always tricky. The uncertainty is compounded with the rapidly changing market conditions. However such a big change i.e. 10% forecasted in Feb this year down to 1.8% 3-4 months down the line is quite dramatic.

Reasons cited for this forecast change: rapid price attrition in three key market segments – microprocessors, DRAMs and NAND flash memories. Incidentally, another news item, “Intel plans 50% price cut for Core 2 Quad chips” was reported on the same day.

Does provide fodder for thinking………………….

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  1. Ang Chew Hoe Says:

    2007 is half over..let’s not too worry about 2007. My own assessment is semiconductor industry will be booming like hot soup in 2008.

    Chew Hoe
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