Low Power Specification Format War

Cadence’s primary EDA rivals felt that Power Forward Initiative introduced by Cadence in May ’06 wasn’t open and inclusive and joined another coalition – Accellera UPF effort in Sep. Si2’s Low Power Committee (LPC) was set up in Oct as an attempt to bridge the gap and address users’ requirement of having a single low power specification format.

Si2 first approved CPF 1.0 saying that its approval of CPF 1.0 does not constitute taking sides and that they have declared it as a “specification” and not a “standard”. This may be a conciliatory offer to Accellera which said that they are actively working with Si2 to converge UPF and CPF into a single standard. Then Si2 issued a RFT to complement the CPF and Cadence in its response has now provided them the source code of its CPF 1.0 parser; in the process opening the door to tool implementation that supports CPF ……. and hence giving another push to boost their format

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