Cadence deploys CPF

Cadence has deployed CPF (Common Power Format) into its existing tools. Rather than making it available as a special feature in tools that would have to be paid for separately, Cadence has made most of its existing tools CPF compliant.

While this makes it more convenient for the user on one hand, he expresses the design power intent/requirements just once and then the system/design flow takes care of the rest, it provides a potential blocking factor for user should the industry embrace an alternate power format (UPF or a third one).

However, Cadence has said, “Wherever the industry takes CPF and UPF, if the users want it, we’ll do it. If you’re a Cadence customer, as of now, the power standards thing is over. Go make chips. Whether it’s CPF or UPF or some common thing in the future doesn’t matter any more. We’ve got the software system that will build the chips, and we’ll follow wherever the standard goes.”  

Let’s see what follows from the rival potential standard’s camp……

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