Grading of India’s semicon industry

ISA-Ernst & Young, India’s recently released report presents a snapshot of India’s semicon industry.
Some of the salient points are:
Talent quality: Moderate (US rated very high)
Talent Availability & scalability: Very Well (4th amongst peers, US rated 3rd )
Technical education quality: Moderate (rated 5th, US rated very high)
Talent cost advantage: Very well (Best along with China, US rated lowest)
Peer countries selected for study: Canada, China, Czech Republic, India, Israel, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and the United States

Other than the more prevalent known aspects as cited above, the report underscored a few interesting and vital points:
- India’s need to conceptualize & build products and move up the value chain
- Relatively lower level of electronics manufacturing which adversely impacts the semicon market potential
- Need to increase IP registration

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