Post-silicon debugging worth a second look

With verification consuming up to 70% of design effort and debug up to 50% of that time (this means up to 35% of overall design time is spent understanding how a design works or why it doesn’t!) - I share Richard Goering’s musing that it’s a wonder that EDA vendors have paid little attention to post-silicon debug.

Post-silicon validation being a confrontational sale may be a significant hurdle for selling wares in this space. However another not so insignificant fact is that post-silicon validation is done in 2-3 phases – first on standalone chip, then on the system and then the field trials. The latter two being heavily dependant on applications and the working environment pose too many variables in the debug process and it is not an easy task to implement all these in a tool. Nevertheless it is a fact that good solutions in this space will be a boon to the chip designer (not to say the S&M guys who keep their fingers crossed while awaiting reports of field tests and subsequently news on the 1st order…)

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