Semiconductor and Cloud

A couple of years back, I had given a talk as well as moderated a panel on chip design and cloud. I had written about the same later in one of my blog posts, Chip designing and the Cloud.

I ended the article with “In summary, cloud computing in chip design will be a big paradigm shift and is poised to bring about tremendous benefits to the design eco-system. However for the design community to actively adopt it, the relevant stakeholders need to look into it in a holistic way and much beyond the scalable and economic computing power and data storage combo. And this may very well redefine the existing chip design methodology.”

So the recent news on Silicon Cloud International bringing together ecosystem partners for chip design at DAC was quite heartening to note.

SCI establishes secure cloud computing centers for scientific and engineering applications across the world. As an initial application, SCI’s cloud is providing turn-key design-to-manufacturing semiconductor design workflows for universities and research institutions. SCI’s private cloud and thin client architecture establishes a novel security model for semiconductor ecosystem providers and users.

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