18th May 2007

Low power IC design kit enables representative design

Cadence is slated to release its Low Power Methodology Kit in late June. The highlight of the kit is a wireless “representative design” implemented using multi-supply voltage and power shutoff methods. It comes with all the necessary command scripts and technology files to complete the design. The design has sample IP including a processor and bus fabric from ARM, Wi-Fi from Wipro, USB 2.0 from ChipIdea, 65nm low-power memories from Virage Logic and 65nm technology libraries from TSMC.

While till date, EDA vendors have been mostly dishing out different point tools to address the industry’s power concerns, a big challenge is to help designers utilize the appropriate low power techniques and tools effectively and seamlessly within their flow on a real design – and in a timely manner. They need to be aware of the trade-offs required and some balancing tips to make the exercise productive.

A representative design is a step forward in this direction. The objective may be to regain the lead in the format war, but if it helps the end user, it definitely signals well!

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