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Fabless & IDM Technology Challenges track in Semicon Singapore 2014

Monday, March 17th, 2014

Join me in this track that Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association (SSIA) is organizing along with Semi in the Semicon Singapore 2014 on 23rd April 2014 (1330 – 1700 hours) at TECH West, Marina Bay Sands.

The theme of this track is “Mobility and IoT - and its impact on the semiconductor industry “

Mobility, especially in the consumer devices was one of the major revenue drivers in 2013. Joining it now, we are seeing a resurgent growth of Internet of Things (IoT) and wearable devices. We are looking into some exciting and innovating market opportunities in this space. Apart from the potentially high growth applications markets that this opens up for the semiconductor industry, the underlying fabric of our industry is also seeing transformation at various levels including the increasing inter dependency and synergy across the various entities in this eco system.

These emerging application markets and morphing industry ecosystem bring along several interesting visions and opportunities as well as new challenges. Hear from some of the industry leaders including ones from Broadcom, Intel, Silicon Laboratories and Xilinx on the emerging industry dynamics that are paving way for new biz and growth opportunities in the Mobility and IoT space as well as the associated challenges - and with additional emphasis on what and how these perspectives relate to the Singapore semiconductor landscape.

Speakers and their talks include
• Ubiquitous Location: Challenges and opportunities of enabling all-day, everywhere location for all mobile platforms - Mr Greg Turetzky, Strategic Business Development Manager, Wireless Communication Systems Group, Intel

• How the Internet of Things will change our world - Ms Jennifer Teong, Vice President of Manufacturing and General Manager, Silicon Labs International

• Enabling the next wave of Internet of Things - Mr Giuseppe Miano, Vice President of Asia Operations and - Managing Director, Broadcom, Singapore

• Mr Vincent Tong, Senior Vice President, New Product Introductions and Worldwide Quality & Asia Pacific Executive Leader, Xilinx

The talks will be followed by a panel discussion, “Harnessing the power of Mobility and IoT – perspectives from the semiconductor industry” which will strive to shed some light on these two game changers – Mobility and IoT – from the eyes and ears of the semiconductor industry.

Panellists include

• Above speakers and

• Mr Subramani Kengeri, Vice President, Advanced Technology Architecture, GlobalFoundries

• Mr Francis Puno, Head of Business Development –mHealth, Spice Global
• Moderator: Ms Meenu Sarin, Director, VLSI Consultancy, Assistant Honorary Secretary - Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association (SSIA)

You may access the Program and registration details at

I look forward to seeing you at this track!